Hair Salon

customized haircut, hair color or hairstyle from Salon Del Rio Hair Cut SalonHair type, facial features and face shape should all be considered when deciding on a hairstyle.

At Salon Del Rio we’ll work to find a style that flatters you from every angle. The same attention we put into hair cut choice goes into color selection and permanent wave process.

You’ll leave feeling great about your hair!


Women: $30
Men: $16
Children 12 & Under: $15


One Process Touch Up: $45 and Up
Virgin Color: $60
Foil High/Low Light: $55 and Up
Corrective Coloring: $75 and Up

Permanent Wave

Basic Wrap: $55 and Up
Spiral Wrap: $85 and Up
Gemini Wrap: $65 and Up

Scalp Treatments

Polishing Hair Scrub Scalp Treatment: $15


Blow Drying Styling: $15
Roller Sets: $15
Corn Rows: $35 and up
French Braids: $35 and up
Hair Extensions: $50 and up
cutting-hair final-cut blowdry

Salon Del Rio is Hair Salon, Nail Salon and Day Spa located in Elephant Butte New Mexico, 5 miles from Truth or Consequences.